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Settlement and History
The Founding of Vahn’s World traces back to the aftermath of the Takeover, the successful revolt by the disadvantaged inhabitants of Stella Insula and their outsystem allies. While the new political order technically gave the former overlords of the star system a voice in the new government, the Union Hall system that was adopted contained numerous blocks to prevent them from regaining their former stranglehold on power. Over the years, many of Zanzibar’s Executivos grew weary of the rules imposed on their corporate holdings in the Stella Insula Restitution. When ansibles were salvaged from the Kriak and the Terran Sphere first began building its commercial network, a number of younger scions saw an opportunity to seize control of their own destinies. They determined that the Semaphore system was right on the path to the up and coming world of Artemis III and beyond, with an attractive environment for those used to weight of Zanzibar on their bones, and decided to settle there, where a steady stream of colonists and traders could be sold tangle both coming and going.

At the time, the newly founded Vahn Consórcio de Comunicação, or Vahn Com, was the leading colonial sponsor for the colony. While several new Telecom companies have been founded on Vahn’s world in the meantime, the Consórcio remained the dominant economic and political interest on the colony, with little happening without its say so. In recent years, consecutive reformist governments have managed to disentangle the government from the Consórcio to a degree, but the two remain heavily intertwined.

Unsurprisingly, these Executivos had little interest in the Union Hall system of Stella Insula, instead opting for a presidential democracy, one where the executive branch holds a significant amount of power in their own right. “The Five Year King” is a common turn of phrase to refer to the colonial president, and while it is mostly used jokingly, the colonial President does wield an almost astonishing degree of power compared with other contemporary Terran Sphere member worlds. The position has proven to be a mixed bag for the colony. While the current officeholder and his predecessor have implemented necessary reforms, most would agree they were necessary largely due to the actions of previous presidents.

Historically, Stella Insula has had a deep class divide between the people who lived in the orbital habitats and now hold dominance in the system, and those who lived planetside and have lost stature since the successful revolution overthrew the old corporate oligarchy that lorded over the system. As a result, it’s perhaps not a surprise that much of the system infrastructure is located planetside and there were few orbital installations, with those mostly devoted to onloading tangle to passing ships.

Without a beanstalk, the colony is heavily dependent on Telekinetics for surface to orbit transfers. Previous colonization assessments had always stumbled on that fact, but the founders of Vahn Comm successfully recruited a number of Thral to the colonial venture. Today there is a thriving Thral community integrated into the colony, whose telekinetic proficiency has been the backbone of the colony’s surface to orbit transportation network.

When Vahn’s World fell to the Shohan following the general retreat after Artemis III, the few orbital facilities it had were destroyed. For reasons known only to the Shohan, rather than attempt to land on the planet, they instead elected only to erect a blockade around the colony. For the first few months after it was cut off from the rest of the Terran Sphere, the system managed to remain in contact but, as Tangle linked to worlds outside the system dwindled, this contact became increasingly fragmented. By the time of the Battle of Zanzibar, contact had effectively been lost. Because of the recent contact and the planet’s Tangle Industry, the system was a prime target for the Fleet once it launched offensive operations into the sector, while the Shohan were still reorganizing in the months after their loss at Zanzibar. With the Tangle spinners and other communications infrastructure located planetside, the planet’s industrial base largely survived the blockade intact. Since reclaiming the system, much of the orbital infrastructure has been replaced, albeit on a temporary basis, by Fleet engineering teams so Vahn’s world can help feed the Fleet’s prodigious appetite for Tangle.

Sidebar: Executivo(a) (Rank 1 Racial Tag)
The Executivos originally were the white collar administrators and corporate executives who managed the sordid Stella Insula mining operations and shipyards. The envoys of the corporations that exploited the laborers in the system and considered themselves nobility in all but title. Many chose to settle on the high gravity world of Zanzibar, a not unreasonable decision for the time given the often spotty safety record of the various habitats littered around the system. However, while not at risk of sudden suffocation or cancer from improperly shielded living quarters, life on a heavy gravity world does come with its own health risks for humans, and over the years many opted for genetic mods that helped them adapt to the planetary gravity. Life in higher gravity conditions gives the average Executivos a powerfully built physique, but they tend to be shorter and stockier than baseline humans.

In general Executivos:

  • As with other humans, Executivos have increased stamina and are able to freely invoke their racial tag in areas where endurance matters.
  • Likewise, as citizens of the Terran Sphere, they gain the first rank of the Psionic tag for free.
  • Increased muscle mass and bone density allow these individuals to function in higher gravity. Additionally, this gives them enhanced strength in environments that other races find more comfortable, and they may invoke this tag in circumstances were physical strength matters or freely edit away negative effects of operating in high-G environments.
  • Due to that same density, these individuals are not very buoyant. This racial tag can be condemned against characters operating in aquatic or amphibious environments.
  • Because of their shorter stature and the training that is required to move safely in high-G environments, Executivos do not generally move quickly. This tag may be condemned against attempts to run long distances (3 zones or more in combat).
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