Officially known as U-Rho 454, this sector is more commonly named after the pulsar that sits near the center of its volume. Human inhabitation of this sector is fairly old, first dating to the grand expansion that occurred shortly after the end of the Colonial War and Terran Sphere’s founding. The sector is no stranger to war, for many of the battles of the Kriak Second Crusade were waged through it, and there are scars that linger even now. Still, many of the worlds here have known nothing but peace for a long time before falling to the Shohan’s advance.

Due to its proximity to the Terran Sphere’s core, the sector was one of the last to fall to the Shohan during their march to Stella Insula and the central systems of the Terran Sphere. Since the battle of Zanzibar, the sector has been one of the top targets for the TSN as it looks to push the Shohan fleet back. While the Terran Sphere has had some successes liberating systems in this sector, the situation remains in flux. Even on a liberated world, no one should rest too comfortably as the fleet elements assigned to these systems remain on a high state of readiness.

The sector once had a fairly staid and placid reputation, but the turmoil of the war has brought scavengers into the sector, groups that have little concern for the greater conflict raging around them, save for how they can benefit from the chaos.


To use this map in play: a ship may move a number of units either straight or diagonally in a direction up to the maneuver rating of its FTL drive per week of travel.
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