The following is our current list of revisions to the Redemption Ruleset. Last update was: 05/16/2022. Most recent changes are in italics.



  • P183: Plasma Weapon Attacks should be +2 Multiplier versus shields, not "Double Damage" as described here. This brings it in line with the description for Counter: Shields on P212. 
  • P183: Terran Sphere psionics using force fields circumvent the restriction on Psionic effects by having a gap in their force field's protection. This means that their force fields may be bypassed by aimed or area attacks that happen while they are using their powers. Normally this vulnerability only lasts for the Psionics turn, leaving them vulnerable to sustained attacks, but ongoing effects require the gap to remain open and exploitable. 
  • P185: Armor Reduction from Coordinated Fire or from attacks with Counter: Armor persists until the end of the round, allowing subsequent players to take advantage of the target's weakened state.
  • P191: Battle strain can be spent on a 1 to 1 basis to increase the number of missiles in a salvo. This can not be used in conjunction with the Coordinated fire effect. 
  • P191: Using Battle Strain to Activate Tags or Perform Extra Actions with a unit does not fall under the single Battle Strain expenditure per round rule. Additional extra actions after the first cost increasing multiples of 3 Battle Strain (6, 9, etc...) as per the extra actions for AP rule. 
  • P191: A character attached to a unit may use Tags and their personal AP to skill switch from the unit's target number on to their corresponding skill.
  • P194: Missile attacks reduce their targets' total margin of defense by the number of attacking missiles in the salvo not -1 per salvo launched at the target. This reduction is not restricted to their bonus margin of defense from anti missile fire.

Item Creation

  • P210: Omission of Turret rules from Attack attribute - Spending the base cost for an attack multiple times allows additional gunners to make attacks with the weapon, or the same gunner assuming he spends the action points. The Ships of the Line design exercise starting on page 219 provides an example of these rules in action. 
  • P210: Melee attacks can never gain the Area attribute.
  • P212: Counter Armor no longer can bypass non-partial armor on an aimed attack. Instead on an unaimed attack it will reduce armor by 1. Aimed attacks will grant an additional 1 armor reduction for the attack, bringing the aimed attack to -2 armor. However, the armor reduction contributed to other attacks remains at -1 armor. 
  • P213: Reactionless drives should not expel Reaction Mass 


  • P226: Psionic Light Armor's fuel should read 10 Days/Combat turns instead of "1 Day" 
  • P227: Riot/LEO Armor, Psi Variant, fuel should also be 10 Days/Combat turns
  • P227: Standard Powered Armor possesses Battlefield, not Firefight level armor. 
  • P228: Kavacha Powered Armor possesses Battlefield, not Firefight level armor.
  • P231: Wellpoint Armory Stormguard 9MP ammo now costs CR 1 instead of "3x"
  • P232: The Plasma Carbine has the following changes: Weapon multiplier increases to 4x from 3x, Ammo cost is CR 1, not 5x, and it loses the Area attack attribute, to be replaced with Counter: Armor. 
  • P234: Light Plasma cannon ammo now costs CR 1. 
  • P235: Personal Psi Link should read Moderate instead of Major Power Supply. Strain should be 10 not 25 - This is the most important change on the list, as starting Psionics were more powerful than intended as a result. 
  • P238: The Psionic Strain on Psi Amps reduced from +25 to +10.
  • P238: The Telekinetic Shuttle now has a Major Psi Link.
  • P255: The Phantom DRIV possesses a Moderate Laser Link
  • P258: Skeleton Crew of Standard Frigate up to 100, from 10, Full Complement to 200, from 20. 
  • P262: The Arniston is missing its Power Slots listing: 6 Major, 3 Used. 
  • P264: Heavy Railgun - Attack increases from 6 to 7, body to 50. 
  • P264: Heavy Laser Cannon - Attack increases from 7 to 8, body to 50. 
  • P268: Tse Blade attack multipliers increase to 5x. 
  • P268: Shohan Personal Armor possesses Battlefield, not Firefight level armor. 
  • P269: Shohan War Drone's Body increases to 80, armor increases to 5


  • P278: Astral Projection costs 1 strain per round or scene that the character maintains the projection. 
  • P285: Necromantic attunements may be sacrificed to gain strain at 10 points for every rank of the attunement. 
  • P285: Necromancers may shunt damage to their strain track at a 1 to 1 ratio, previously this was 3 strain for every point of damage.


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