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The Siege of Diyu
After the Massacre of Artemis III, Shohan forces swept through the sector as elements of the 3rd and 2nd fleets raced in to replace the demolished 4th fleet. During those years, Diyu served as a forward base for the TSN, and when the Shohan came the fleet fought hard to save the moon. Despite their efforts, it was not to be. The world fell in a final blitzkrieg attack by the Shohan that, unlike Prospero, left little time to evacuate the colonial population or restock the dwindling tangle supplies.

Initially, the Shohan’s full attention was given to destroying the Terran Sphere’s military force and they were content to place a blockade around the planet as they finished driving the TSN from the sector. When they finally turned their attention to the colony nearly a year later, they initially sent a communication to the planetary government informing it of its surrender and the terms under which they would be operating. They were surprised when this communication was met by a fierce rejection by Planetary Speaker Marcela Liu. The Shohan launched a score of drop pods at the planetary surface, expecting to make short work of the opposition, only to watch in bafflement as tremendous lightning arcs in the planet’s ionosphere destroyed the incoming drop pods. They tried this three times before concluding the colony below must somehow be responsible. Determined to punish the presumptuous Terrans, the Shohan commander ordered the hypercannons loose. Energy gathered, building to a lethal intensity before unleashing at the capital of Nova Fortaleza. It splashed across the upper atmosphere, striping away a tiny bit of it, but leaving the settlement below intact.

For the last several years, the same dynamic has been at play. The Shohan have maintained their blockade of Diyu and attempted at various points to establish a foothold on the surface. So far, a few attempts have established beachheads on the planet, and all of these have been destroyed by colonial forces assisted by lightning strikes. While the colonists have been able to hold off the Shohan, there are increasing concerns about the effects of the siege on the moon. Diyu’s ionosphere is starting to become depleted from repeated hypercannon blasts, risking a faltering defense against Shohan aggression in the short term and exposing the moon’s ecology to the hostile radiation trapped in its primary’s radiation belt in the long.

With the Terran Sphere Navy pouring into the sector in ever increasing numbers, the local Shohan forces are determined to breach the defenses of Diyu and prevent whatever secrets the colonists have uncovered from making their way to the greater Terran Sphere. While the Shohan are slow to change their tactics,
some among them have begun to look intently at Diyu’s moonlet, Saci, as a possible means to achieve their objectives.

Escudo de Tupã
Behind the lightning that has stymied the Shohan on Diyu is one Dr. Daniel Corrêa Avelar. The doctor was part of the early research into drive plasma’s effects on a Shohan Forcefield. When Diyu fell behind enemy lines he realized that Diyu’s heavily energetic ionosphere could be tipped over into creating massive plasma-producing lightning strikes. A psionic himself, he has assembled a trained team of energy manipulators that maintain a 24-hour vigil over the world using astral projection to leap into action against Shohan intrusions. The newly formed Escudo de Tupã Corps, named for an Amazonian deity associated with thunder, discovered that the heavy interference from their presence in the ionosphere also disrupted whatever the Shohan needed to do to establish a lock with their hypercannons, causing them to discharge in the upper atmosphere. This saved the colonists below, but at the expense of portions of the planet’s atmosphere that were swept away into hyperspace.

Although he has become world renowned for his creation, he is growing concerned about the effects of his creation on the atmosphere of the planet. He has increasingly turned to researching every bit of the historical archives for information on the Xan’s teleportation, hoping to find a way to break through the siege of his homeworld. As an energy manipulator he, and can feel what his Tupã Shield is doing to the atmosphere.

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