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Occupation: The Inside Out Room
The breaking of the Terran Forces at Prospero fell was made more shocking by how smoothly the evacuation had gone. When it became evident that the Shohan were going to advance towards Bard, the population of Prospero was able to evacuate in good order. Most hoped they would be able to return to their beloved home. As such, the colony’s infrastructure was shut down safely. Even the beanstalks were left in maintenance mode, in the slim hope that the Shohan would leave their beloved home unmolested once they saw the colony was abandoned. Instead, the Shohan saw an opportunity.

As the Sword watched from their outpost on Claudius, they saw Shohan escorting transport after transport, all of Terran make, to the planet. The determination to discover the Shohan’s plans for their beloved homeworld helped inspire Project Vigil. When the first Spirit Walkers finally made their pilgrimage across the void to Propero, they found the empty streets of Cape Nielsen filled once more. On the surface, Cape Nielsen seems to be any colonial town in the Terran Sphere. People work, go to cafes, take the train back to their apartments. In other words, they go about their lives. Of course, this is far from the truth.

When the Shohan saw the empty city spread out before them, they saw an opportunity to change strategy. Throughout their conquest, they had swept up small outposts, fleeing starships, and other odds and ends of humanity along with the various colonial worlds. Originally, most of these individuals were sent to the nearest occupied system to share in the fates of those colonists, assuming they didn’t disappear for other purposes in transit. With the capture of Prospero, the Shohan begin to route these miscellaneous prisoners to this world, settling them in the empty city.

As the population swells, the Shohan, under a midrank overseer by the name of Eira, have turned it into a parody of the Terran Sphere. While on the surface everything is normal, in reality, every single aspect of life in Cape Nielsen is monitored by the Shohan. Dissidence is dealt with swiftly and without remorse. The Spirit Walkers have deduced that the occupation runs on some sort of points system. Those who cooperate with the Shohan’s instructions earn points, which can lead to relaxed restrictions, extra rations, even some light privileges. Those who cause headaches for the Shohan, even minor ones, lose points. Loss of all of one’s points earns a one way trip to the Heights. Those who are taken there are not seen again, though what exactly the Shohan are doing with the prisoners is the subject of much speculation.

It’s this points system that enterprising prisoners try to game in order to orchestrate an escape. Unlike some other occupied worlds, there is not much of an organized resistance, as any such large gatherings tend to be noticed and rapidly dispersed, often with several trips to the Heights. Those who manage to escape often attempt to take refuge in various places away from the eyes of the Shohan. Difficult due to the constant orbital surveillance, but not impossible. Those inclined to escape the boot of the Shohan have found options: the dense forest/jungle cover, natural cave systems, or some of the more remote monasteries. Much care is needed in attempting to escape. The natural inclination is to gather points to gain privilege, which can then be turned into supplies that can be used to attempt escape, and/or survive off the land once out. However, with too many points comes increased responsibility and attention from the Shohan. Too few points, and risk getting harassed on a regular basis.

Private Clinic
The various medical establishments along the Heights proved to be a treasure trove of information for the Shohan. Unlike Shohan interests deeper in their occupied space, the work done at Prospero does not directly involve the Altered. Instead, most of it is basic medical research into understanding human biology. In essence, Prospero serves as the control group for their research projects elsewhere. A side benefit of this research has been the creation of Shohan infiltrators that can pass for human. The transients captives that are swept up in their advance provide any number of cover identities for an infiltrator to utilize.

But perhaps the most cruel part of the occupation is the goal the Shohan had in re-establishing a human community, even if it is a mockery of the colony that once thrived here. Ultimately, this prison-stage provides a place for SOAP teams (Deployment Companion, p15) to hone their ability to blend in and pass as humans. It is unknown how many infiltrators-in-training have slipped into the human population, but what is known is that those who notice and speak of it soon find themselves taken away to the Heights.

For the Spirit Walkers holding vigil on the planet, there is little they can do directly when they are so far from the source of their powers. Instead, they attempt to subtly nudge things in the right direction when action is called for. Most have begun to use their telepathy and clairvoyance to make contact with the local populace to offer guidance and comfort, gaining new adherents for the Swords’ Vision in the process. The Shohan have not yet caught wind of this religious awakening among their captives. No one is sure what their reaction would be, but few within the Sword would expect it to be anything but the harshest of countermeasures. They are surprisingly wrong. Overseer Eira - should she ever discover the underground religious movement - would see it as the greatest test of her infiltrators’ abilities yet, hoping that one among their number might be able to find the whereabouts of the Sword and remove a thorn from the side of the Shohan forces in the sector. Despite her knowledge of the Terran Sphere, Eira would likely underestimate the importance that Psionics play in the Sword, leaving her infiltrators far on the fringes of the movement as they dare not risk entering the Concordances that form the backbone of Ascendant worship. From this position it would take all of their skills in subversion to gain any truly useful intelligence, but Overseer Eira is willing to be patient given the potential prize.

The Humanities Major
Overseer Eira is one of the few Shohan that Fleet Intelligence has a file on. Before the war, Eira was one of the Shohan assigned to Ambassador Davi’s liaison team. There she was a minor functionary whose ambitions had been thwarted by an assignment far away from the center of power in the Shohan Assembly. Despite what she saw as an exile, her meticulous nature led her to spend her years in the Terran Sphere studying everything she could regarding the Fourth Population and the Terran Sphere specifically. Her whereabouts in the years since the war are a mystery, but she seems to have resurfaced on Prospero, leading the SOAP program built there.

Roleplaying Notes
Overseer Eira has always been one for thinking her way around a problem wherever possible, rather than direct confrontation. Patience and diligence have always been her strengths, and when pressed, words are her first weapon of choice. She will always attempt to engage in a war of words before actual weapons. She studies her opponents, learning what she can and playing on insecurities. On the flipside, this line of communication gives social players a chance to turn the tables on her.

By The Numbers
Race: Shohan (Overseer)
Initiative: 6
Action Points: 5
Strain: N/A
Body: 20
Target Numbers:

Tactics 21, Command 20, Leadership 21, Persuade 20, Diplomacy 18,
Athletics 16, Heavy Weapons 16, Science: Biology 20,
Science: Psychology 21, Medicine 20, Organize 20, Melee 15


[Know Thy Enemy 3], [Never the Same Mistake Twice 2],
[Assembly’s Spymaster 3], [Cleaning the Lessers with SOAP 2],
[Information is Ammunition 2]


Shohan Battle Armour, Tse Blade
Category: Alistair Sector