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The Stockade
Noting that the Shohan FTL and communications both use hyperspace technology, the Terran Sphere has decided to use Alistair station to store many of its prisoners of war. Most of the time, these prisoners are kept in cryogenic stasis, as had become the standard for Shohan prisoners elsewhere in the Sphere. When thawed out for interrogation rather than the rage exhibited elsewhere, Shohan prisoners on Alastair station show more confusion and, in some cases, even outright fear or despair. Unable to communicate with their people in the usual manner, they feel exposed and vulnerable. As a result, they are often more pliable and responsive, with their every action poured over by the various researchers gathered at the newly established facility. Beyond passive observation, researchers are attempting to run any number of psychological and sociological experiments to help build their understanding of the reclusive species. Understandably, the Terran Sphere is acting quickly to capitalize on this breakthrough and is planning on transferring more prisoners to the new prisoner facility.

Fleet Intelligence and OGI are gingerly discussing whether to resume attempts at telepathic interrogation of the Shohan prisoners in the new facility. Previous attempts were stopped after the berserk rages they invoked in Shohan prisoners led to numerous casualties. Early efforts, where a telepath sits in a protected area and restrains themselves to the lightest of passive scans have shown that the Shohan prisoners are aware of the telepath but not aggressive toward them as they were in prior cases. The telepaths still report extreme difficulty in getting even the faintest of impressions from the POWs, but for Terran Sphere intelligence this is still leagues ahead of the disastrous interrogations that took place early in the war.

There are, however, those who believe that the connection to the hypercomms is not, in fact, completely severed, only severely diminished, and that these prisoners might still be able to contact the rest of the Assembly. This possible security risk is the subject of much debate. Admiral Aydin, however, is far from deterred. She believes this should be encouraged and exploited and by presenting a target for the Shohan, to force them to come to this system: one of the only known, inhabited systems where the Shohan have disadvantage to their mobility. Admiral Aydin and her staff have run several private exercises around a possible Shohan strike at the Station, but it remains to be seen if the opportunity will present itself, or if their plans will match the reality.

Chief Interrogator Resh’Yar’Tsun’Do
Master of the Stockade

In charge of the interrogation of the Shohan prisoners is Lieutenant Resh’Yar’Tsun’Do, one of the Chiron expatriates who left the Star League to join the Terran Sphere Navy when the war started. His daimyo suffered a particularly stinging rebuke during the Great Humiliation, so a large portion of his company made the jump, though they ended up in many different branches of the Fleet. For his part, Resh’s karashmela, the Chiron equivalent of a PhD, in Xenopsychology has made him an invaluable asset in the interrogation of prisoners of multiple species, including the Shohan.

Roleplaying Notes
His primary personality, Resh, is almost invariably the first one to be presented to an interrogated prisoner. Generally, this is approached in a fashion that most humans would recognize as a visit to a psychiatrist. However, Resh is not attempting to get the prisoner to open up on this initial discussion, as much as he is attempting to determine which of his own other personalities would best be able to leverage information out of the subject.

He is usually accompanied on interrogations by his assistant, Second Lieutenant Haqim el-Farred, a recent graduate from the Xan Academy, specializing in Telepathy. Usually just on-hand as an observer and lie-detector, for particularly tough nuts to crack, Tsun in particular is known to call on Haqim to deepen the attunement and dig deeper, since the reduced connection to the hypercomms seems to also prevent the usual berserker reaction to such probing.

By The Numbers
Racial Tag: Chiron
Initiative: 5

Detection 15, Discern 18, Persuade 20, Socialize 20, Diplomacy 18, Organize 18, Athletics 13, Melee 12,
Firearms 16


[Talk the Devil Out of Hell 3], [Echo of Humiliation 2] [The Mind Is Its Own Palace 2], [Living with Single Personalities 1], [For King and Country 1]

Refresh: 5
Body Track: 20

Carry Comp, with Military-Grade Security, light armor
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