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News From the Front Update

08/07/2014 -

Naveen Maneesh details Shohan countermeasures in another breakthrough transmission!


News From the Front Update

05/29/2014 -

Gunther Frei brings us the harsh realities, and determined defiance of the Colonies in his latest piece: Withdraw.


Redemption is up on Kickstarter!

Hello again Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we are live on Kickstarter! Please go check us out!

Getting ready to launch on Kickstarter represents a lot of hard work from the Redemption team here at Silent Spirits, as well as the years of development we've already but into the game. Now we're finally getting to share it with everyone, and we're incredibly excited to do so!

When we started developing Redemption, Kickstarter didn't exist yet.  But one of the guiding design philosophies behind Redemption has been to create something big, and then give players the tools to make it their own. So in a very real sense crowd funding on kickstarter to help bring it to life seems only right. We hope you agree!

Redemption Beta Update!

Hey everyone!

We've continued working on the Ruleset as the Kickstarter has been going on. We've made a number changes to the system, we did this to address a number of concerns:

  • Psionic strain costs appear to have been pegged too low, so strain costs have been increased, strain recovery was improved a little bit to help balance out a Psionic's stamina.
  • The Wealth Rules we were using internally did not make their way into the open beta, we've fixed that now.
  • Additionally, there are some ease of life improvements and clarifications in the Character Creation and Catalog sections.

News From the Front

We're starting a new section on Redemption, News From the Front, a running blog where will present articles and information about the Game as we prepare for our Kickstarter Launch. Starting Monday, you'll get to see the first years of the Terran Sphere's war with the Shohan Assembly unfold first hand and get behind the scenes info on Redemption as development continues.

The official launch date for the kickstarter hasn't been set yet, but we're looking at the third week of November. Currently we need to finalize a few details and are waiting on some art assets we have inbound on before we hit the go button.

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