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All Engines Green

TIMESTAMP: [2653.17.05 07:42:35]
Amanda Kally


Now that the XSG-7200 is taking the market by storm, you can see the shipyards behind me are all spinning up for some major production runs! It’s a buyer’s market, folks! You know what demand does to prices, so get in fast, and cruise the lanes faster and less expensive than the poor bums who got to the store too late! Colonization is big business, so all you freighter jocks out there will have plenty of hauling contracts, so your fuel savings will be tangle in the bank!

Update on that Travel Advisory in Sector 4163: Sources from the Fleet have stated that this advisory is not related to the incident at Zhujiangjin, but due to increased piracy in the region. These pirates are reportedly preying upon the newest wave of colonists who are spreading in that direction, after the wild success of the colony at Artemis III. The advisory itself, has meanwhile been upgraded to Code 2. Admiral Hall’s offices, recently relocated here at Insular stardocks, have said that these pirate attacks are consistent with the tactics of the Free Haven of Humanity.

Checkpoints for “Race to the Gap” have been announced! The last of the locations has just been cleared by Admiral Monowai, so all engines are green on the race sites! Let’s see who’s really got the fastest ship in space! Prizes still to be announced, but sponsors are already saying it’ll be big!

I’m Amanda Kally and that’s your starburst for tonight.

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Zhujiangjin, What Happened?

TIMESTAMP: [2653.16.05 19:32:24]
Jane Li


Tonight’s Top Story: Zhujiangjin, What Happened?
Sources closest to the area have reported the incident as an act of Shohan aggression, which has lead to reports of the death of the famous retired Commodore Guo. A Fourth Fleet spokesman confirmed that Shohan vessels made starfall at the system some 36 hours ago and engaged the Zhujiangjin defense force who were subsequently defeated. The Shohan then moved to establish a blockade around the system similar the one reported to be in place around Minerva.

Meanwhile, debate continued in the Senate today over the developing situation with the Shohan. The debate centered over the diplomatic mission being assembled to approach the Shohan, and whether, in light of the new attacks against Zhujiangjin, the mission should continue. Many in the Senate feel that the effort would be ineffective now that the Shohan have committed to more aggressive action against our worlds. A second faction however continues to hold out hope that the situation may be contained before further casualties occur.

Unspoken in many of these debates in the Senate is the fate of the Chiron during their own confrontation with the Shohan. The Great Humiliation, as the Chiron call it, was a series of border conflicts between the Imperial Chiron Star League and Shohan Assembly almost a generation ago. The Imperial Navy suffered a series of disastrous engagements against the Shohan fleet, leaving many of their ships destroyed, but thanks to the efforts of the Shohan at the time, only minimal casualties. Unlike that situation however, the Shohan had spent several months prior to the conflict attempting to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels. Their sudden aggressive behavior in the present circumstances stands in stark contrast to their prior conflict with the Chirons.

One of the loudest voices for the diplomatic mission comes from Senator Karsalia of Artemis III. He recently had the following to say about the situation, “The Shohan Assembly’s newly aggressive stance towards our worlds is deeply troubling. The Great Humiliation happened with Chiron terraforming efforts, not with a standing colony! Zhujiangjin was an established world, and was well away from the known border with the Shohan Assembly, why would they suddenly claim it? The fact that Ambassador Davies has disappeared seems to be an ominous sign, but we need to send an official inquiry to Minerva, as well as a diplomatic envoy to the Assembly itself. We have a right to know why they are attempting to claim our worlds, and what has happened to Commodore Guo and the other colonists of Zhujiangjin.”

Senator Kelley of Hawking’s World offerred the following, “It is important to remember that a lot of news travels to us from remote colonies like Zhujiangjin through many channels, and between multiple relays. Remember how ‘whisper down the lane’ works? Think about that, but at an interstellar level. Commodore Guo was likely moved somewhere by the Shohan, like they did with Chiron forces and personnel during the unfortunate incidents between the those two races. While my esteemed colleague from the colony of Artemis may be for sending an envoy, I don’t think the Sphere as a whole needs to worry about a simple border dispute. These things tend to sort themselves out quietly and quickly.”

Senators Kelley and Karsalia were reportedly involved in a heated discussion on the floor of the Senate, and neither side has yet softened in their respective stances. Admiral Laurentson of the First Fleet has warned against overreaction to this situation, but did offer his heartfelt condolences to the family of Commodore Guo, with whom he had served against the Kriak on multiple occasions, “Commodore Guo was one of the finest officers I’ve ever had under my command. There wasn’t a thing he couldn’t do, or an order he couldn’t carry out, and he taught the ‘Crocs to fear First Fleet. He will be missed.”

In a reflection of the Senate, a HAN snap poll reveals the Terran Sphere to be deeply divided about the Shohan attack. While many are outraged by the apparently unprovoked attack against the Terran Sphere, an almost equal number, 43 to 41%, want to see a peaceful resolution to the current crisis and are concerned that the situation will escalate. The demographics are equally divided between core and colonial worlds. The data reveals the confused response in the Terran Sphere to the shocking turn by the formerly peaceful Shohan.

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Zhujiangjin Falls!

TIMESTAMP: [2653.15.05 05:54:41]
Gunther Frei


It has been one day since Shohan forces appeared at the colony world of Zhujiangjin, and some details are starting to filter down from Trafalgar Station. The Shohan surpised the sparse defenders of the system and the young colony was quickly isolated. Currently there are no reports of anyone successfully making it off planet. Inhabitants of the system's single port station were luckier: many were able to escape in the trading vessels docked there before the Shohan forces could close on the station.

Their escape was made possible in part due to the sacrifice of the station's defenders, including Commodore Peter Gou. Originally of the Alpha Centauri Space Navy, the Commodore took service with the TSN during the last Kriak crusade where he commanded the famous Golden Arrow squadron. The Commodore led numerous incursions into Kriak territory, acquiring intelligence, hitting crucial targets, and never leaving a man behind. Often described as dashing, the Commodore lived up the traditions of gallantry held by his native service. After the war, the commodore surprised many by retiring to Zhujiangjin, where he took up a post in the systems' nascent light lugger network, but those who knew him well, knew of his desire for peace after long years of war, and his love of the world's many warm shallow seas. It was at his lighthouse post that the commodore fell, refocusing the laser sources in an attempt to burn the Shohan approaching the station. His noble sacrifice will be remembered, as will the sacrifices of all those valiant defenders who sought to throw back these invaders. The Shohan have brought us war, and in the words of commodore Guo, "We will not rest, unless in the bed of lady Victory."

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Minerva Blockaded!

TIMESTAMP: [2653.20.03 14:09:05]
Gunther Frei


Earlier this week, there was reason to be hopeful that the loss of contact with Minerva was a mere technical glitch. Sadly those hope were to be dashed when recon missions from the Fourth Fleet made starfall at the system. Initially, the Fourth Fleet elements were prepared to render technical assistance or at worst repel a Kriak incursion into the system. They were instead shocked to discover elements of the Shohan fleet present in the system, enacting a blockade against any and all traffic in or out of the system. Despite their entreaties for some news of the Terraforming teams present on the planet, the ships were turned away by a Shohan blockade with only the most brusque of communications, and unmanned recon drones have confirmed that the system hosts an increasing Shohan military presence. Fourth Fleet is on heightened alert while the Senate and the diplomatic corps scrambles to assemble a mission to the Shohan in attempt to settle whatever issues have arisen on the planet.

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TIMESTAMP: [2653.16.03 10:28:53]
[UNKNOWN] - "Naveen Maneesh"


Hey there, tech heads! It’s me, Naveen Maneesh, with your dose on what’s happening here in the fine city of Sopara on the greatest planet in the Terran Sphere: Artemis III, where it all goes down! Alright, enough spiel from the Tourism Board. Next up, politics: some sort of big debate’s going on at city hall, over some sort of boring line-drawing nonsense, but what’s big next week? A little birdie told me to get your cars in the shop soon, because the latest G3P prints for personalized luxury interiors are about to go live. Get in before the rush, your seat will thank you!

On an unrelated note, stockholders in Maybach might want to strike while the iron’s hot, as it were. Prices are looking good right now, but word on the street is that their latest sports car plans might have hit the market a bit before they were intended to have done, so, a stock hit just might be coming up in their future. You... didn’t hear that here, though. ;)

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