News From the Front


TIMESTAMP: [2653.27.05 07:33:51]
Amanda Kally

We’ve got an urgent report coming in from Abascia station, captains! One of the checkpoints for “Race the Gap” has been changed! New coordinates are available in the data packets attached on this week’s report, so please update your plans accordingly! Admiral Monowai’s office offered no explanations on the sudden change, but has assured race participants that the newly revised course should be perfectly safe. Rumors are circulating of a sudden artifact discovery at the original location, but, of course, nothing confirmed. The usual crew of killjoys are buzzing about trying to limit these rumors, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

In only potentially related news, tariff rates on “exotic” Abascian commodities are being “adjusted”. You all know the drill: some rich stiff’s kid got caught in the wrong crowd, so now all the popular gene mods are going to get hit because of one idiot. Details are sketchy at this point as to whose idiot kid it was this time, but you might want to steer around Seventh Fleet’s jurisdiction if you or any of your crew are... more obvious with the augments. The Ambassador from Abascia Station has leveled the usual accusations of speceism at the appropriate authorities. Personally, I’d say give it a few weeks to die down, these things happen every so often, usually doesn’t last more than a month or two, tops.

Oh, right, that Colonial Advisory is still in effect for Sector 4163. Traffic is starting to get heavier coming back from that way, rumors about what might be going on are still flying, but Admiral Hall’s office is disavowing or discrediting most of those reports. He assures travelers in the area that Admiral Perez and Fourth Fleet have a strong presence in the region, and there is no cause for undue alarm. The advisory remains a Code 2.

I’m Amanda Kally and that’s your starburst for tonight.

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Senate Debates Zhujiangjin

TIMESTAMP: [2653.20.05 21:19:45]
Jane Li


… Welcome back. Continuing our top story tonight: rumours continue to circulate about what did or did not happen at Zhujiangjin three weeks ago. The loss of Commodore Guo was a blow to the hearts of those who served with him, and tears were shed at his memorial on the Paul Bunyan, Admiral Laurentson’s flagship. The ceremony is scheduled for airing to the Sphere as a whole tonight, immediately following this broadcast.
Senator Karsalia continued his remarks on the Senate floor regarding the incident at Zhujiangjin being far more than the “border skirmish” Senator Kelley is trying to call it. This is the first incident with the Shohan to have confirmed fatalities, which is inconsistent with everything known about them so far. Ambassador Davies’ continued absence has only added fuel to the fires of this ongoing debate. More voices are also adding to the calls for an investigation into Biogenesis’s terraforming operation on Minerva. In a statement today, the Terraforming conglomerate’s spokesperson reiterated that they have no more idea than anyone else why Terran-Shohan relations failed so dramatically on the planet.  
In other news this week, we’re happy to report that injuries were kept to a minimum at the Huaxiong Biological preserve. Reports confirm that one of the Triceratops specimens managed to break the gates of its enclosure, the employees at the preserve showed their training in flying colours, managing to corral the animal, and herd it back into its enclosure before the evening feeding. New gating material is already being ordered and fabricating, with a stronger, more interlocking mechanism. The design of the safety trenches adjoining the gates and fences will also be addressed. Reportedly, Subhash Malik, famed designer and chief architect of Sopara City on Artemis III, might even be consulted on the new enclosure designs.

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Eyes, Ears, and Mouths

TIMESTAMP: [2653.17.05 18:26:14]
Gunther Frei


The TSN has reportedly dispatched reconnaissance missions to Zhujiangjin and Minerva, in order to ascertain the current situation on those worlds. Minerva has been out of communication for many months under Shohan blockade, while Zhujiangjin recently shared its fate, when the Shohan invaded the colony world. Unfortunately, rumor has it, that these recon flights are long overdue, and presumed missing. Speculation in the Fleet is rampant, but for the moment there is little in our light cone with which to make sense of of the Shohan’s current actions. Diplomatic beacons scattered across the systems of the Xan Memorial Worlds continue to request the Shohan meet with our diplomats, but the action seems somewhat forlorn at this juncture. While there is still time for the diplomats to sort things out it is quickly running out. No diplomat can negotiate with a vacuum: if the Shohan have some demand of us, their continued silence resolves nothing. Unfortunately, should their silence continue, we will have no choice but to act with our own force and initiative.

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Mayflies Cont.

TIMESTAMP: [2653.17.05 15:37:09]
[UNKNOWN] - "Naveen Maneesh"


It’s that time again, tech fans! Liking your new luxury car seats, but wish you could have them in your house, too? You didn’t hear it here, but later this month, you’ll get your wish! With Maybach’s stock already down 25 points, they’re rushing to try and recoup their losses in the home furnishings markets. It’s almost a shame that home furnishing G3P prints are even easier to pi... acquire for home use than luxury cars. Did I say that? Of course I didn’t. ;)

Gamers! The Sopara Invitational Ultimate Tournament is set to get started in just a few more weeks! Think you’re a big name on your local world? Try your luck against the best the colonies have to offer! Word is some of the champs from Hawking’s World AND Nea Alexandria are already making the trip! Wanna stick it to the snobby Core slime? Three more weeks, and you get your dream shot! Still plenty of slots available for the Open brackets, too, so no excuses! Show us what you’re made of! I’ll even be there to cover it all live, so see you there!

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Developer Blog 1

By now, many of you reading this have seen the encircled Sun burst of the Terran Sphere Flag. Flags tend to speak to the time in which they are conceived and the Terran Sphere flag is no exception.

The Terran Sphere was founded in the aftermath of the Colonial War, the most catastrophic conflict humanity had ever seen. The Council of Mars first met under the flag of the old United Nations. Although the UN was never able to establish peace among the nations of Earth, it at least had a mandate to try. As the council's efforts grew from a mere peace treaty toward the establishment of a new, unified alliance, a new flag was deemed necessary. This banner was designed by the council for its straightforward symbolism, with surprisingly little dissent. The central sunburst representing Sol passed without argument, however Hawking's World also demanded a distinct symbol. In response, one of the seven stars was enlarged. To ameliorate the pride of the others, the size of the central star officially represents the rising status of the colonies. However, many citizens of Hawking’s World maintain that it represents them.

As the Terran Sphere's core principles were formed in response to the disaster of the war, so too was its symbolism. The first mandate of the Sphere government is to prevent another war within humanity. The Terran Sphere is founded on peace, and as such, the emblem began with a classical symbol of the concept, the two olive branches. The sunburst at the center represents the Sol system, the birthplace and cradle of humanity. Lastly, the seven stars represent the seven extra-solar colonies that existed at the time of the Confederacy’s founding. The design is rendered in gold against a dark blue field, symbolizing ideals that do not tarnish or fade, even amid the depths of space.

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