Know Thy Enemy

TIMESTAMP: [2653.08.19 06:14:53]
Gunther Frei


Every good military operation requires intelligence, the more the better. It is to this end that Fourth Fleet has set into high gear, moving recon ships and drones about with such speed that I cannot follow them, even if I were able to report on the details such movements. These rapid movements gather ever more data on the Shohan fleet, while confusing the enemy as to our own disposition. That’s the official line, anyway. Make Starfall, appearing in a burst of radiation, scan, and disappear again before the Shohan can engage. Repeat. Repeat Again. And yet again; stopping only to refill fuel bunkers before heading out once more.
This harassment strategy may be running the Shohan ragged, but it’s not doing our own crews much good either. Eyes across the fleet can only turn in frustration to their status boards, where the ugly red icons marking the occupied worlds smolder. A campaign of harassment does not win a war, but buys time. Time, however, can only carry us so far. To be certain, a confrontation is coming though it may be postponed as long as diplomatic efforts are still on going. For the citizens of Zhujiangjin and Prospero, however, time is not a friend. Fleet Command at Trafalgar Station suggests that a major plan is underway. With the time they have bought, I hope it’s a good one. We need it.