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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.28 14:25:56]
Gunther Frei


We know that colonies go silent when the Shohan invade. The Shohan place a high priority on destroying ansible relays in any system that falls under their sway. Fourth Fleet command gives the press and public regular briefings, but for all the words the end is the same, silence. The fleet is beating the bushes out here, finding a number of isolationist islander settlements and the odd smuggler drop, yet we stay clear of the three colony worlds where we know the Shohan can be found. The brass says they’re studying, always studying to make certain that the move we make is the right one. Do we have time for that?
At least one person isn’t waiting. William Tuft, of the agricultural giant Nutrigrow, has hired the private security contractor Blue Knight to retrieve his son from the occupied world of Prospero. William Tuft Jr. was on Prospero at the time of the attack, investigating the possible domestication of several native plant species. Admiral Perez cautioned against the rescue attempt, but the Blue Knight crew was undaunted. “We’ve slipped past naval blockades before. Admiral Perez is unaware of this, because we’re good at it.”

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