Prospero Falls!

TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.18 02:58:07]
Gunther Frei


Prospero, one of the Terran Sphere's newest colonies, has been taken by the Shohan. Recon elements of the Fourth Fleet monitored the invasion, before falling back in good order to cover the refugees fleeing the colony. From the crews I’ve spoken with, morale remains fundamentally high although they are upset at the fate of Prospero and are eager to counter the renewed Shohan advance. So far, however, no orders have been issued. Fleet command is taking time to study this data, the most extensive gathered to date regarding the Shohan fleet capabilities. The continued silence from fleet command is troubling. Scuttlebut in the fleet is wondering what is so terrible above Prospero that an entire fleet fears to go there. A third world has gone silent. If these attacks were Kriak, we would have hit them back by now. Yes, the Shohan are powerful. But are they so powerful that we need to tiptoe around their aggression like frightened children?  
Civilian traffic is increasingly one way: away from sector 4163. Admiral Perez notes that while there is no cause for alarm, having fewer civilians in the region will simplify the sector's strategic considerations.  Some are people running from rumors. Most people, i fear, are running from the silence that follows wherever the Shohan fleet touches.