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Created on Sunday, 08 December 2013 05:00
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Published on Sunday, 08 December 2013 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.06 02:17:39]
Gunther Frei


I am pleased to have the privilege of being embedded with the Fourth Fleet. My crew and I are currently en route to the Houyi, where will be stationed so I have little time to update. However, I can finally report with some certainty about events in sector 4163. First for the many who have lost loved ones at their hands, the Kanhoji Crew pirates have been brought to an end. Elements from the Fourth Fleet disabled two pirate vessels in an attempted raid on Prospero. The Kanhoji Crew's downfall was brought about in part due to years of work by Strategic Signals Processing Division, who were able to utilize their attacks over the years to trace their movements and the Psionic Resources Bureau whose precogs were able to use that data to predict their next attack. Without their last two vessels, the captured pirates revealed the location of their base, a failed islander colony. As is frequently the case, the isolationist colony ran into problems maintaining it’s tech base and turned to piracy, first for survival, then profit. Authorities are still sorting through the the colony’s inhabitants, charges have been proffered against many, but for others they are simply trying to return them to their worlds of origin or find next of kin.
In other islander news, contact has been lost with the independent colony "We Made It!" Officially, the fleet is unconcerned, in the words of one officer "The rock farmers probably ran out of tangle for their relay again", but in private conversations, I am given to understand that long range recon probes have been dispatched to the colony, “purely as a precautionary measure”.   Meanwhile, Zhujiangjin and Minerva are still silent. Fleet command may have information regarding the present situation, however they too have been unusually quiet of late.

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