Zhujiangjin Falls!

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Created on Wednesday, 13 November 2013 05:00
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Published on Wednesday, 13 November 2013 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.15.05 05:54:41]
Gunther Frei


It has been one day since Shohan forces appeared at the colony world of Zhujiangjin, and some details are starting to filter down from Trafalgar Station. The Shohan surpised the sparse defenders of the system and the young colony was quickly isolated. Currently there are no reports of anyone successfully making it off planet. Inhabitants of the system's single port station were luckier: many were able to escape in the trading vessels docked there before the Shohan forces could close on the station.

Their escape was made possible in part due to the sacrifice of the station's defenders, including Commodore Peter Gou. Originally of the Alpha Centauri Space Navy, the Commodore took service with the TSN during the last Kriak crusade where he commanded the famous Golden Arrow squadron. The Commodore led numerous incursions into Kriak territory, acquiring intelligence, hitting crucial targets, and never leaving a man behind. Often described as dashing, the Commodore lived up the traditions of gallantry held by his native service. After the war, the commodore surprised many by retiring to Zhujiangjin, where he took up a post in the systems' nascent light lugger network, but those who knew him well, knew of his desire for peace after long years of war, and his love of the world's many warm shallow seas. It was at his lighthouse post that the commodore fell, refocusing the laser sources in an attempt to burn the Shohan approaching the station. His noble sacrifice will be remembered, as will the sacrifices of all those valiant defenders who sought to throw back these invaders. The Shohan have brought us war, and in the words of commodore Guo, "We will not rest, unless in the bed of lady Victory."

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