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TIMESTAMP: [2654.02.13 16:34:02]
Gunther Frei

 After the loss of Artemis III, the Terran Sphere Navy has shifted to a strategy of anticipation and evacuation. Fleet Intelligence has been utilizing precogs to forecast the likely Shohan invasion targets, which are then evacuated ahead of the enemy advance. The TSN also uses these forecasts in order to leave traps for the invaders. The Terran Sphere may not be able to hold all of its worlds, but it can at least keep the people safe.  

A fine example of this stratagem was recently demonstrated over the colony of Saneesh. The Shohan fleet arrived just as the last evac ships and their Second Fleet escorts were reaching the grav shore.  A pair of enemy destroyers jumped in to take the evacuees, but the Second was ready. In a few minutes of furious combat, the ships of the Second Fleet drove off the enemy destroyers, saving the evacuees at the cost of one of their own.  

Two days later, this video started floating around the networks:

[Image Attachment: ]
A long distance shot of the city of Saneesh.  Several Shohan dropships descend,  touching ground briefly near the anchor of the beanstalk before spreading out to overfly the city.  Suddenly an intense pulse of light appears, which burns out the camera’s photoreceptor. About half a minute later, the camera records a loud thunderclap, which marks the end of the recording.

When asked for comment, the former mayor of Saneesh City said, “Yes, we left that device for them. It took us three years to build that city. With time and peace we can build another. Our servicemen are willing to trade their lives to diminish the Shohan threat. The least we can do is trade bricks and time for the same goal.” 

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