Breakin' Out the Big Guns

TIMESTAMP: [2653.10.27 09:54:02]
[UNKNOWN] - "Naveen Maneesh"


Shadows in the sky, folks! The lamestream media won’t cover it, because they say they’re “not allowed”. But as we all know around here, classified just means it’s way too interesting for us to know. Too bad for them that... people like us always know! It’s going down, and it’s going down soon, folks. Maybe it’s not the tech stuff I’m supposed to be reporting on, and maybe it’s classified and “not legal” to report on, but you’ve got the right to know! Big-time fleet assembly going down here. Whispers down the beanstalk say that a major move against the Shohan is imminent, and this is the staging area, right here.
Got to keep these reports quick, don’t want the G-men coming and shutting us down, after all, but keep it here for the latest in what the Man doesn’t want you to know! Naveen Maneesh out... For now. ;)