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Created on Wednesday, 01 January 2014 05:00
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Published on Wednesday, 01 January 2014 05:00
Written by SeekerCAT
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.27 18:02:13]
[UNKNOWN] - "Naveen Maneesh"


Sad news, friends... It’s cancelled! Repeat, the Tournament is off! In response to travel restrictions in the adjacent sector, local officials have deemed it a bad time to be inviting such an influx of off-worlders. I guess they don’t want all the tourist credits and good pub that would’ve come out of the event... or the launch of a big-time reporting career for yours truly. You can take the slugs out of the Core, but you can’t take the Core out of the panicked masses, I guess.
Maybach just recently applied for bankruptcy... seems that in addition to their stock issues and unsecured servers, they were also using the ZX-5 on a lot of their production models! Too bad, so sad. Just goes to show, info’s faster than light, blink and you’ll miss it!
Fresh word down from the beanstalk, folks: if you’re looking to join the panicking core slugs and get off-world, you’ve gotta act fast. Those slick execs and their made-up excuses took the fast train out, and the wake isn’t looking pretty. Word is, the fleet’s coming this way, meaning most of the heat exchangers are gonna be jam-packed. Frankly, anyone who wants out, I say go for it! Me? I’m staying right here, with my finger on the pulse of the info world, all for you folks! Keep it here, and I’ll keep it flowing!

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