TIMESTAMP: [2653.16.03 10:28:53]
[UNKNOWN] - "Naveen Maneesh"


Hey there, tech heads! It’s me, Naveen Maneesh, with your dose on what’s happening here in the fine city of Sopara on the greatest planet in the Terran Sphere: Artemis III, where it all goes down! Alright, enough spiel from the Tourism Board. Next up, politics: some sort of big debate’s going on at city hall, over some sort of boring line-drawing nonsense, but what’s big next week? A little birdie told me to get your cars in the shop soon, because the latest G3P prints for personalized luxury interiors are about to go live. Get in before the rush, your seat will thank you!

On an unrelated note, stockholders in Maybach might want to strike while the iron’s hot, as it were. Prices are looking good right now, but word on the street is that their latest sports car plans might have hit the market a bit before they were intended to have done, so, a stock hit just might be coming up in their future. You... didn’t hear that here, though. ;)