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Created on Thursday, 27 February 2014 05:37
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Published on Thursday, 27 February 2014 05:37
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.12.28 18.22.17]
Amanda Kally


 Happy...ish Founding Day, spacers! Well, we’ve gone over a month without any dream-shattering travesties, so that’s good! If you’re capable space crew, and you’ve got the stomach for a fight, Admiral Hall’s office is quite thorough in reminding me to mention that the Fleet wants you! Keep in mind, that’s not just combat pilots they... we’re looking for, it’s also engineers, logistics, even cooks! It’s not all dreadnaughts and explosions, the news just makes it sound that way sometimes.

As you can see behind me, though, they’ve been so busy with the aftermath of the Battle of Artemis, that they haven’t put the shutters up yet! That’s the Houyi behind me, getting fixed up after it led the surviving ships out of the Battle, and made it back here. The survivors from those ships are almost all back to full health, and the word of the day is Intel! That’s what everyone’s talking about, but unfortunately, it makes for a pretty slow news day, since you all know what other word comes with Intel, right? But, what I can say is that Captain Shetley got himself a promotion out of the deal - super nice guy, by the way. Totally made time to talk to me, even in medbay. He’s been transferred back Coreward, and most folks here think fleet command is going to go to Admiral Marikesh.

In the meantime, however, the Fifteenth Annual “Race to the Gap” has been cancelled. Admiral Monowai says that with the repositioning of many fleet assets, he can no longer safely keep the checkpoints under watch. With Fourth Fleet in a ... restructuring period, Admiral Hall and Third are becoming the functional front lines down here. Admiral Karik and Second Fleet are also anticipated to re-base here. Hey! Maybe they’ll take my office, too! Headed down to medbay to donate some blood. If you’re in the area, med staffs here are still always looking for a hand. It’s... busy, to say the least. If you don’t have a taste for needles, fuel and other supply shipments are also in high demand here. Bigtime buildup going on behind me, and you’ll get guaranteed rates from the Navy on anything they can turn into a ship.
I’m Amanda Kally and that’s your intel laden starburst for tonight.

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