Burning the Midnight Oil

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Created on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 05:00
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Published on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 05:00
Written by Kottos
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.26 02:46:01]
Amanda Kally


The shipyards are churning away here. All across the docks, heavy equipment is running, torches are welding, and workers are pulling double shifts to meet the increased demand. Ironically, the more demand increases, the less the Corporate Council is willing to disclose about who is specifically placing most of the orders. The secret’s not very well kept, though, as anyone with eyes out here on the docks can see the TSN logo emblazoned on most of the hulls. Most of the hulls that are taking shape are recognizable models, but rumors continue to persist of new projects in the works. Admiral Hall’s office and the Council, however, are making sure that such talk remains strictly rumor and conjecture.
Similarly, the rumored massed transfer orders to Fourth Fleet that seem to be getting processed through these docks are also being waved off as “nothing serious”. Despite the full restriction order recently placed on an entire sector - an act that has never yet been performed outside of a Kriak Crusade - Third Fleet offices are assuring the Corporate Council that the TSN has everything well in hand out in the Fringes. The restriction remains in full effect, so keep away, captains.
Those words hardly seem necessary, however, as freighters and transports continue to flow steadily out of the restricted sector, and are beginning to do so out of adjoining sectors, as well. The attack on Prospero has spooked the locals in more than a few places, and travel plans are definitely getting altered wholesale. Many heat exchange stations are already issuing red flags, saying they’ve got too many ships to keep up with the demand. Expect a spike in fuel prices once the market adjusts. In a related note, the Colonial Board is putting a moratorium on any current applications in or near the Inner Reaches, until the situation out there blows over.
I’m Amanda Kally and that’s your starburst for tonight.

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