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Created on Monday, 18 November 2013 05:00
Last Updated on Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:33
Published on Monday, 18 November 2013 05:00
Written by SeekerCAT
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.17.05 07:42:35]
Amanda Kally


Now that the XSG-7200 is taking the market by storm, you can see the shipyards behind me are all spinning up for some major production runs! It’s a buyer’s market, folks! You know what demand does to prices, so get in fast, and cruise the lanes faster and less expensive than the poor bums who got to the store too late! Colonization is big business, so all you freighter jocks out there will have plenty of hauling contracts, so your fuel savings will be tangle in the bank!

Update on that Travel Advisory in Sector 4163: Sources from the Fleet have stated that this advisory is not related to the incident at Zhujiangjin, but due to increased piracy in the region. These pirates are reportedly preying upon the newest wave of colonists who are spreading in that direction, after the wild success of the colony at Artemis III. The advisory itself, has meanwhile been upgraded to Code 2. Admiral Hall’s offices, recently relocated here at Insular stardocks, have said that these pirate attacks are consistent with the tactics of the Free Haven of Humanity.

Checkpoints for “Race to the Gap” have been announced! The last of the locations has just been cleared by Admiral Monowai, so all engines are green on the race sites! Let’s see who’s really got the fastest ship in space! Prizes still to be announced, but sponsors are already saying it’ll be big!

I’m Amanda Kally and that’s your starburst for tonight.