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Created on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00
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Published on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00
Written by SeekerCAT
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TIMESTAMP: [2655.07.23 12:34:07]
Amanda Kally

 On the docks behind me... err, my old office, sit the wreckage of at least five Shohan destroyers, towed here after Fleet and Local assets managed to fend off scouting attempts in systems within the Invasion Corridor. Most of the workers on the main stardocks are either military personnel, or have enlisted recently, and they’re busy ripping the wreckage apart to try and figure out anything and everything they can about the enemy. Hear that, engineers? Fun new toys to play with! We could use the help down here! Seriously, it’s busy as Hell here. Dock Groups A and B are almost exclusively military, and D and E are almost entirely populated by refugees and evacuees trying to get out of the corridor. It’s... messy, but it’s working!


There’s a lot of new travel advisories and restrictions going up... Any spacer watching this is sure to be able to guess where they’re going up. It’s really not necessary for me to announce them, since, from what I’ve seen of the traffic here, no one’s going that way anymore. Everyone’s tripping over themselves, and everyone else, to go the other way. They’re... Not all getting there, though. There are a lot of reports of the refugees making attempts at new islander colonies. They just want to start over, but the Colonial Bureau is currently very reluctant to pass any new charters. So, they go anyway, without support. You all know the dangers out there. The Kriak aren’t doing much as a whole right now, but individual clans are still hopping around, just waiting to pounce on these poor people. Some reports even say the Shohan have found some of them... Let’s just hope that’s not the case.


I’m Amanda Kally and this is your deconstructed starburst for tonight.


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