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Created on Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00
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Published on Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00
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Amanda Kally


 Good.. and bad... time to be a freighter jock these days. Lots of families and whole communities looking to get out of dodge. On a personal note, having met some of these people... Try not to gouge them on the prices, please? They’ve been through a lot already. If you’re going to help them, help them, don’t make it worse. Fleet’s still offering solid contract rates on parts, supplies and labour, and most of it is running out of the yards here at Zanzibar... So this is where the work’s at! Second fleet needs help with the evacuees, people!


As for traffic, He Fei and Pulau Merah have both been confirmed by Second Fleet as Shohan attacks. Sectors 3963 and 3863 are at a class 3 advisory... But personally, I’d say just don’t go there. I can’t give specifics, but I’ve seen what Shohan ships can do to non-military craft. S’all I’m saying.


But, on a kind of related note... In an effort to boost recruiting amongst seasoned spacers, any of you that have outstanding warrants on you for info or livestock smuggling or somesuch? Admiral Karik’s office has announced that they’re officially willing to void warrants for certain minor criminal violations in exchange for active duty service. Admiral Hall isn’t making the same offer, however, so make sure you’re applying at


Second Fleet offices, here on Dock B, and not at Third’s on Dock A. Trust me, there’s big signs, you’ll be able to tell the difference pretty easily. And by minor, well, the list is posted.


I’m Amanda Kally, and this is your officially pardoned starburst for tonight.


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