Off of the Races

TIMESTAMP: [2654.08.02 06.14.31]
Amanda Kally

Good evening spacers... The racing circuit as a whole is having a bit of a down year. A lot of the usual contenders are either enlisting, or helping ferry islanders and frightened colonists out of the sectors neighboring what Admiral Hall has dubbed “the Invasion Corridor”. While it’s been pretty quiet on the Shohan front since Artemis, there’s been all kinds of activity here, as I watch from my brand new offices across the stardock from the old ones. Instead of all that busy construction work, as you can see, I’ve got a great view of one of the nearby asteroid belts from here. Major construction going down here, though that’s about all I’m allowed to say about it for now. Lots of the engineers are talking about new plans, but specifics are understandably kept under wraps.

But, as for the space lanes... Jammed, is the word. Lots of people want to get out of dodge before the Shohan show up, and can we blame them? Admiral Hall’s office is bustling around the clock with people from all over the place, scraping up anything that might qualify as Intel, so, if you’re trying to bug out of the corridor, don’t be surprised if Third Fleet asks to have a chat with you. If you’ve seen anything Shohan-like, they’re definitely going to want to talk to you. So, stop on by! Heat exchange stations are packed around here, but prices are kept nice and low for anyone who’s helping the TSN with info, or with getting civilians out, so, still business to be done, folks! Let’s help keep some people safe, there’s too many refugees here who have no real plans, and just want to be safe somewhere.

I’m Amanda Kally and this is your displaced starburst for tonight.