A Special Report...

TIMESTAMP: [2653.11.20 11.20.53]
Jane Li


This is Jane Lee preempting our interview with the Reverend Samantha Turay for a special report. Initial reports from Artemis III have begun filtering in from various sources. There have been many rumors regarding the battle at Artemis III however, facts remain scarce at this time. Officially, Fleet HQ at Trafalgar has confirmed the following: Fourth Fleet met the Shohan at Artemis III. A battle ensued. Details are sketchy, and Fleet HQ has not released casualty reports as of yet, but all indicators are that Fourth Fleet suffered defeat at the hands of the Shohan. Once again, our reports are that the Fourth Fleet has been defeated at Artemis III, and we urge our audience to remain calm at this time.

In reaction to this news, the Senate had an emergency meeting on Unity, and a formal state of war now exists between the Terran Sphere and the Shohan Assembly. The motion for this declaration passed unanimously, Senator Karsalia himself offered the following from the Senate floor: “Gentlefolk of the Senate and the Terran Sphere, I wish to express my thanks for the many messages of sympathy and support I have received since we learned the fate of my homeworld. I am deeply touched by your support  and have taken strength from it the past few days. But, I fear I must turn to the matter of the hour. While I urged diplomacy before, in hopes of avoiding the terrible costs war inflicts and to amicably sort out a potential misunderstanding with a once friendly race, it is clear now that diplomacy has failed. The fate of the Fourth Fleet and my own homeworld has left no doubt that this aggression by the Shohan Assembly cannot be dissuaded by peaceful means. We, the Terran Sphere, will now do what we must to end this aggression. We. Will. Fight. And, in taking up this burden of war, hope to one day see again our loved ones and worlds who have been sheared from us by the Shohan. Thank You.”

Once again, for those just now joining us, no details have yet been released by Fleet HQ, but reports indicate that the Fourth Fleet has been defeated over Artemis III, and that world, the Jewel of the Reaches, is now under Shohan occupation.     

Artemis III, unlike many other worlds taken by the Shohan, had numerous ansible relays. While the Shohan are once again prioritizing their destruction, there are sporadic and unconfirmed reports still being sent from planetside relays. Many of these reports get cut-off mid-stream. At the time of this report, indications are that the Shohan are sending ground troops into the city of Sopara and there is gunfire in various blocks as local forces resist. Currently unconfirmed is the state of the world’s government. There are reports that they have been evacuated to the sparsely populated and heavily forested continent of Bow but there have been no official relays from Artemis III officials confirming this.
This reporter is not too proud to admit that this is... hard to report.

Across the Terran Sphere many impromptu vigils are being held for those at the battle. The High Cantor has already rescheduled much of her itinerary for her visit to the system, with fewer publicity appearances and a great deal more concordances. His Holiness will be offering a mass at the Vatican this evening, as well, for the crew of Fourth Fleet and the inhabitants of Artemis III.

We will return momentarily with our continuing coverage of the battle.