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Created on Thursday, 23 January 2014 05:00
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Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.08.20 18:23:36]
Jane Li


On the Senate floor, Senator Kelley continued lobbying for a formal war declaration against the Shohan Assembly. Support for the measure is on an upswing in the chamber with an increasingly vocal group of other senators showing their support for the declaration, but this group, while loud, has not yet reached a sufficient majority to actually pass the act. The main voice of opposition to the declaration, Senator Karsalia, while praising the fleet for its current, diligent preparations in the sector of his constituents, took to the podium to urge the rest of the Senate not to leap into an irrevocable action against the Assembly, “Our attempts at contact with the Shohan have so far been met with silence, but I feel that a declaration of war would be ill-advised at this time. We do not know their intent, and declaring war would likely provoke them into more acts of aggression.”
A rally was held today in London, in Trafalgar Square, in support of the Fleet’s current actions to maintain our defenses in the sectors currently under alleged Shohan threat. Many flags were waved, and many voices were heard, all declaring that the Sphere was behind its service men and women, and speakers at the event claimed that the Shohan had best not provoke the Fleet further, although many critics noted it is still unclear if Fleet weaponry is capable of damaging the Shohan, given the Chiron's experiences. Trafalgar Station itself, has still offered no official comment on the situation, but sent its heartfelt appreciation to the participants in the rally.
In sadder news tonight, the people of Terra have lost one of their greatest treasures this week. Famed recording artist and late-night holovision host Archibald Meter died last night at the age of 158. Many fans considered him like a treasured member of their own families, and feel the loss on an almost personal level. But, like the line in one of his most famous songs, Life is But a Dream, he reminds us that while “musicians may lose their lives, life never loses its music.”

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