Wardrums beat on the Senate Floor

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Created on Saturday, 04 January 2014 05:00
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Published on Saturday, 04 January 2014 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.30 07:18:83]
Jane Li


Outrage is filling the Senate floor this week, as the events on Prospero continue to come to light. Senator Kelley has begun to openly state the links between the attacks at Zhujiangjin, Prospero, We Made It! and even Minerva, and is pushing to have a re-vote on the Sphere budget for this year, particularly as it pertains to the funding of the Fleet. In light of recent events, he feels we need to revisit the proposed need for military funding this cycle, and quote, “...give our boys everything they need to kick those grey bastards right the Hell back to wherever they come from.” He further added that it is a continued insult to humanity, and the Sphere as a whole, that Ambassador Davies continues to be absent from his offices on Unity.     
Volunteer rates for the Terran Sphere Navy have reached reported new record highs. Even the Thral, whose usual bouts of claustrophobia lead to issues serving on naval vessels, have been enlisting in the TSN at noticeably increased rates. The events in Sector 4163 are becoming a rallying cry around the Core worlds, Commodore Guo’s name being mentioned in more than one instance fueling a spreading sense of nationalism, though Fleet Command at Trafalgar has been notably quiet on the phenomenon. We can safely assume that they are planning a response to the Shohan aggression, and are endeavoring to bring this misunderstanding to a swift and decisive end.
In lighter news, Reverend Samantha Turay, High Cantor of the Church of Humanity Ascendant, will be making a visit to the Sol system, making several stops on Terra, and here on Huoxing! She has said that the events in the Reaches are indeed unfortunate, and that those affected have the full support of the Church, and will be acknowledged in the scheduled concordances during her visits here. His Holiness, Pope Francis III, has expressed similar sentiments on behalf of the Vatican, and will be organizing prayer sessions for the victims.

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