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Jane Li


Tonight’s Top Story: A full military restriction has been placed on all civilian travel in Sector 4163. Pilots in the private sector are urged to avoid travel in or near the region to avoid both danger and suspicion. In a likely related story, the colony world of Prospero has been attacked, reports indicate that it is another act of Shohan aggression. Ambassador Davies and staff are still gone from Unity, and the TSN High Command at Trafalgar has given no official stance on these events. The two events, it seems, are directly related, and Fourth Fleet has been fully mobilized. A new recruiting drive is anticipated throughout the Sphere as unrest grows in the Reaches.
Reaction to these reports in the Senate has been mixed. Senator Kelley has joined the increasing number of voices pointing to this as an act of war by the Shohan, starting with Minerva and has gone so far as to cosponsor an official declaration of War against the Shohan Assembly. The motion was met with fierce opposition from Senator Karsalia and others who been holding out hope for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. While many agree that this is vastly out of character with what we know of the normally reclusive species, events continue to point in this unpleasant direction. Despite his requests to resume attempts at diplomacy, Senator Karsalia joined the majority in sponsoring the emergency spending requested by the Fleet.
On the diplomatic front, the Chiron embassy has voiced the Star League’s sympathy for residents of that sector, and a few voices were allegedly agitating for a joint Sphere and Star League response to these acts. Reports on the Chiron embassy’s official stance, are, of course, conflicting.
Now joining us live is Senator Karsalia, fresh off the rather tumultuous debate on the Senate floor earlier today. Senator, thank you for coming on the Show tonight.
[Senator Karsalia] Thank you for having me, Jane. Always a pleasure to be on the ‘cast.
[Jane Li] Senator, in light of the Shohan’s continued attacks on Terran Sphere worlds, and their so far absolute refusal to answer any of our attempts at communication, a number of your colleagues have characterized your continued attempts to establish a diplomatic mission to the Shohan as “Quixotic” at best. Would you care to answer your critics?
[Senator Karsalia] Well, Jane, the fact of the matter is quite simple: With no diplomatic contact, we have no idea what their intentions are. We still do not even know what happened on Minerva that may have provoked the Shohan. My staff has been in regular contact with executives from BioGenesis in an attempt to determine the facts on the ground of Minerva, as it were. Our previous encounters with the Shohan had all been peaceful, and quite cordial. Without knowledge of what precipitated these incidents, we cannot have a cohesive plan of action for how to react.
[Jane Li] Do you believe there is a realistic chance at peace? Even after three, and possibly four colonies have been occupied by the Shohan?
[Senator Karsalia] I do, yes. We would do well to remember that there was hostile contact between the Shohan Assembly and the Chiron Imperial Star League, as well. While the Chiron refer to these incidents in … less than flattering terms... they did manage a peaceful end to the misunderstanding. This is why my colleagues and I feel a diplomatic mission must be sent.
[Jane Li] Yet, you still voted for the increased Naval budget.
[Senator Karsalia] Yes, Jane. Diplomacy is still the path I would prefer, but it would be foolish to deny that there have been … hostile contacts. Increased preparedness in the Fleet seems only prudent at this juncture. Preparedness, mind, not provocation. With the technological edge enjoyed by the Shohan, it would be unwise to act in a manner that would be construed as openly hostile.
[Jane Li] Senator, some of your critics have made comments in light of your recent vote expressing what they feel is a fundamental inconsistency in your position. Do you feel that you’re being inconsistent in working for this peace initiative while voting for one of the large increases in the TSN budget in recent history? Does simply being prepared really require nearly tripling the TSN budget?
[Senator Karsalia] In the face of external hostility, we must be prepared to safeguard the freedom of our citizens. Zhujiangin and Prospero have, unfortunately, proven that we were not yet ready. The TSN receives a budget during peacetime, as well, after all. As to the accusations of inconsistency in my position, I can only refer to the actions of several of my... esteemed colleagues, who not even a month ago were dismissing these attacks altogether as random acts of piracy or simple malfunctioning equipment, yet now feel it necessary to increase the budget and push for a war declaration. The magnitude of the budget increase was... surprising, I must say, and the numbers did seem to get inflated in the hands of certain Senators who handled the bill after myself and the Naval Affairs committee. Perhaps, after waking up to the seriousness of our current crisis, they were filled with... an abundance of caution.
[Jane Li] If I could take a step back to your earlier remarks, you claim you’ve been in contact with representatives from Biogenesis, yet you’ve also voiced support for those demanding a full investigation of Biogenesis’ operations on Minerva. Do you feel that they’re being less than forthcoming with you and your staff?
[Senator Karsalia] It is unfortunate, but my staff and I cannot discount the possibility. Given the severity of the present situation with the Shohan, it might cause a great deal of embarrassment to the company, should something be discovered. Given the lack of contact with Minerva, however, we do not know for sure. This, again, is one of the many reasons I believe a diplomatic mission must be sent.
[Jane Li] Senator, I see that we’re out of time. Once again, thank you for coming on the Show tonight.
[End Senator Karsalia Interview]

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the unfurling situation and bring you updates they happen.
Continuing with our program this evening: in other news, it turns out that the defending “Race to the Gap” champion, Zebulon Clarkson, will not be participating in this year’s race, after all. Rumours are circulating that this is due to the alleged tariff increases on gene mods, some of which may be sported by members of his crew. These rumours are unsubstantiated, and likely to remain so, as talk of the tariff issue has all but ceased on the Senate floor.

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