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Created on Monday, 09 December 2013 05:00
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Published on Monday, 09 December 2013 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.07.08 22:49:12]
Jane Li


Ladies and gentlemen, Race fans everywhere! The course is set, and all checkpoints confirmed for the Fifteenth Annual “Race to the Gap”. Entrants are expected from all over the Sphere, including defending Race champion, Zebulon Clarkson. We will, of course, be broadcasting the festivities as they occur. This year is expected to be just as exciting as last year’s Race, let’s hope for another close finish, shall we? From Unity, however, debate over the implications of the events in Sector 4163 continues to overshadow other discussions. Motions regarding tariff adjustments on Abascian gene modifications have been tabled for the moment, and rumours are beginning to circulate about an increase in Naval activity in the region. Fleet representatives have said that such motions are merely precautionary at this time, and assure the Senate that all steps are being taken to prevent any further incidents. Details are unconfirmed at this time, but word is spreading that Fourth Fleet has confirmed intelligence regarding the situation on Zhujiangjin. Trafalgar representatives have said such news will be released at the appropriate time. In related news, however, Captain Billingsley of the Bonaventure, loaned from the Alpha Centauri Star Navy, has been awarded a meritorious service citation for his ship’s role in the recent actions against the Kanhoji Crew pirates. Senator Kelley and his camp applaud the Captain’s brave exploits, and are hopeful that the removal of this pirate menace will lead to future good fortunes in the Sector, and even a resolution as to what happened with the ansible relays on Minerva. Senator Karsalia and his supporters remain skeptical that the pirates had anything to do with the Minerva situation, citing that the pirates were found and disbanded over Prospero, which is, “nearly the other end of the sector”, and not a “neighboring system”, as had been characterized by Senator Kelley. Later this week, Nea Alexandria University is set to reveal its latest polls on the public’s stance on the crisis, but initial leaks indicate a major shake up in the public’s opinion, stay tuned for our continuing coverage and how this might impact the debate on Unity...

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