Senate Debates Zhujiangjin

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Created on Friday, 29 November 2013 05:00
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Published on Friday, 29 November 2013 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.20.05 21:19:45]
Jane Li


… Welcome back. Continuing our top story tonight: rumours continue to circulate about what did or did not happen at Zhujiangjin three weeks ago. The loss of Commodore Guo was a blow to the hearts of those who served with him, and tears were shed at his memorial on the Paul Bunyan, Admiral Laurentson’s flagship. The ceremony is scheduled for airing to the Sphere as a whole tonight, immediately following this broadcast.
Senator Karsalia continued his remarks on the Senate floor regarding the incident at Zhujiangjin being far more than the “border skirmish” Senator Kelley is trying to call it. This is the first incident with the Shohan to have confirmed fatalities, which is inconsistent with everything known about them so far. Ambassador Davies’ continued absence has only added fuel to the fires of this ongoing debate. More voices are also adding to the calls for an investigation into Biogenesis’s terraforming operation on Minerva. In a statement today, the Terraforming conglomerate’s spokesperson reiterated that they have no more idea than anyone else why Terran-Shohan relations failed so dramatically on the planet.  
In other news this week, we’re happy to report that injuries were kept to a minimum at the Huaxiong Biological preserve. Reports confirm that one of the Triceratops specimens managed to break the gates of its enclosure, the employees at the preserve showed their training in flying colours, managing to corral the animal, and herd it back into its enclosure before the evening feeding. New gating material is already being ordered and fabricating, with a stronger, more interlocking mechanism. The design of the safety trenches adjoining the gates and fences will also be addressed. Reportedly, Subhash Malik, famed designer and chief architect of Sopara City on Artemis III, might even be consulted on the new enclosure designs.

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