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Created on Monday, 04 November 2013 05:00
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Published on Monday, 04 November 2013 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2653.13.03 18:32:15]
Jane Li


...In other news, all further attempts to contact the terraforming project on Minerva have been as yet unsuccessful. Debate raged in the Senate today, as the majority leaders still believe it is a problem with their ansible relay. Biogenesis Representative James Hargreaves, official Terra liaison for the Minerva project, offered the following, “With so many of our resources devoted to the terraforming project, the maintenance of the ansible relay probably just fell off of the priority list. There is nothing to worry about, the shake ‘n bakers can handle themselves, that’s why most of them volunteer for jobs like this. Last word I received was the Shohan were a great help in the terraforming process. This is likely either a maintenance issue, or they’re just too busy to notice the machine blinking.” When the Shohan Embassy on Unity was asked about the matter, it was revealed that Ambassador Davies was no longer present, nor any of his staff. No explanation has yet been given as to when they left, or why. The debate over whether or not to send an official inquiry to Minerva, however, was sidetracked on the Senate floor. The rapidly growing population of Artemis III has mandated new elections on the bustling colony, which now qualifies for additional representation in the Sphere’s governing body. As the population centres of that world are still highly localized to the city of Sopara, the issue over the delineation of the new senatorial districts is a hotly contested subject. The current Senator from the Jewel of the Reaches believes that this should be a local matter, but opposition groups within the Senate as a whole believe that giving over such powers to the locals may be a political move to try and strongarm the population into maintaining a consistent voice on the Senate, rather than risking the new Senator having a voice of their own.

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