Destroyer Destroyed!

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Created on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 00:00
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Published on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 00:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2654.02.15 02:05:17]
Jane Li


Tonight’s top story: in what has been described as a failed scouting attempt, a Shohan Destroyer was shot down over New Haven. Vessels from Third Fleet were already patrolling the system when the destroyer jumped in, and in what has been characterized as a brief skirmish, the crewmen managed to disable the enemy vessel before it could withdraw from the system. We’ve since been told that the wreckage of the enemy vessel is being studied for anything it can tell us about our foes. This represents the fourth Destroyer loss the Shohan have suffered in recent weeks. Pilots of the Local Defense forces continue to make gains using the so called “turn and burn” maneuver. The tactic, brought to light by Commodore Shetley himself, involves the use of a ship’s drive plasma to burn through a Shohan Ship’s force fields. The maneuver is not without its dangers though: three ships of the New Haven Defense force were lost in the skirmish. 

In more somber news, the colony of Saneesh has gone dark. Reports indicate that the bulk of the civilian population had already been evacuated by Second Fleet, but those elements came under fire from the Shohan invaders during the last stages of the evacuation. We ask that our viewers keep the citizens of this latest colonial victim in their concordances and prayers this evening.

On the Senate Floor today, Senator Kelley put forth a motion that November 20th on the Sphere Standard Calendar become a day of remembrance, commemorating the sacrifices made by Fourth Fleet, and the fate of Artemis III. The motion is expected to pass with an overwhelming majority, though Senator Karsalia was not available for comment on the matter.


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