Fight... Or Flight?

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Created on Sunday, 13 April 2014 00:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2655.04.02 22.40.17]
Jane Li


What can only be described as... an Exodus appears to be happening throughout the Sphere. Another Shohan attack has occurred at the colony of He Fei, and a panic has resulted, causing multitudes of colonists and islanders to flock away from the invasion zone. Some are even going so far as to attempt to leave the protection of the Sphere entirely. The Senate is urging people to remain calm, and not to act hastily in these trying times. Squadrons from Second and Third fleets are already working tirelessly in attempts to anticipate where the Shohan may attack next, and, if necessary, evacuate the colonies that are deemed at risk. Senator Kelley’s office offered the following comments, “We face a grave threat from a terrible enemy, I admit. But it is in times of great adversity that we humans band together, and show our greatness! Show our strength! It is when we stand together that we will be triumphant in this great war! We’ve shown this to the Kriak more than once, now we must show the Shohan!”

In a shocking development, broadcasts have recently started surfacing through back channels that claim to originate from Artemis III. The identity of the alleged broadcaster is that of a local tabloid artist, who had specialized in the fields of programming and technological development. These broadcasts make reference to a resistance force on Artemis III, fighting back against the occupying Shohan, but specifics are not given, citing that tangle for this “black link” is scarce. Fleet Intelligence at Trafalgar remains skeptical, believing this could be some sort of false-intelligence plan being perpetrated by the Shohan. Senator Karsalia however, has vouched for the identity of the voice of these broadcasts, citing that he does not believe the Shohan would be able to simulate this man’s personal idiosyncrasies, as he put it. Some of the content of these transmissions is too coarse for air, however.

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