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Created on Monday, 17 March 2014 05:00
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Published on Monday, 17 March 2014 05:00
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TIMESTAMP: [2654.05.15 10.58.02]
Jane Li

 Today’s update on the War: it’s been almost six months since the Battle of Artemis III, and the Shohan have yet to make any comparably large attacks. Sources at Trafalgar are speculating that the large-scale fleet action they displayed at Artemis might have, in fact, been a large portion of their active ships. Commodore Shetley has been quite busy briefing the command staff at Trafalgar, as well as the localized fleet commands now stationed at Zanzibar and nearby worlds, and as such, has been regrettably unavailable for interview.

Local recruiting offices are reporting a significant increase in volunteers since the Artemis incident, propelled by outrage over the attacks, but the Fleet still has significant ground to cover in it’s efforts to rebuild. Many assets from both the Joint Earth Security Forces and the Alpha Centauri Space Navy are being called directly into service in the TSN as a whole to fill the gaps left by the Massacre of Artemis III. This has been known to happen during the Kriak Crusades, and is likely to continue until we can somehow find peace with the Shohan Assembly. Many voices in the Senate are already starting to doubt that such a peace is even possible after Artemis. They point out that while several Kriak crusades have been massive in scale, none of them have managed to compromise or occupy worlds nearly as populated. The status of the people living there, now under occupation, remains unknown. Senator Karsalia urges people to remember that, until Minerva, the Shohan were known by most as an almost wholly non-violent people, citing the lack of casualties in the “Great Humiliation” of the Chiron. Such thoughts are likely giving him some measure of hope for the health and safety of his constituents.

Some religious fervor has been seen spreading throughout the Core. Some have gone so far as to ask if the Shohan are God’s method of judging our decadence. High Cantor Samantha Turay has assured the followers of the Church of Humanity Ascendant that such questions, while understandable in such trying times, are not to be given merit. “To consider this invasion to be a judgment from the Divine would be an abdication of reason, and against the enlightened path upon which we all wish to walk.”


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