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Created on Tuesday, 19 November 2013 05:37
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Published on Wednesday, 20 November 2013 05:37
Written by Kottos
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By now, many of you reading this have seen the encircled Sun burst of the Terran Sphere Flag. Flags tend to speak to the time in which they are conceived and the Terran Sphere flag is no exception.

The Terran Sphere was founded in the aftermath of the Colonial War, the most catastrophic conflict humanity had ever seen. The Council of Mars first met under the flag of the old United Nations. Although the UN was never able to establish peace among the nations of Earth, it at least had a mandate to try. As the council's efforts grew from a mere peace treaty toward the establishment of a new, unified alliance, a new flag was deemed necessary. This banner was designed by the council for its straightforward symbolism, with surprisingly little dissent. The central sunburst representing Sol passed without argument, however Hawking's World also demanded a distinct symbol. In response, one of the seven stars was enlarged. To ameliorate the pride of the others, the size of the central star officially represents the rising status of the colonies. However, many citizens of Hawking’s World maintain that it represents them.

As the Terran Sphere's core principles were formed in response to the disaster of the war, so too was its symbolism. The first mandate of the Sphere government is to prevent another war within humanity. The Terran Sphere is founded on peace, and as such, the emblem began with a classical symbol of the concept, the two olive branches. The sunburst at the center represents the Sol system, the birthplace and cradle of humanity. Lastly, the seven stars represent the seven extra-solar colonies that existed at the time of the Confederacy’s founding. The design is rendered in gold against a dark blue field, symbolizing ideals that do not tarnish or fade, even amid the depths of space.