Introducing Redemption

For centuries, the ships of the Fleet protected the worlds of the Terran Sphere. Now, that time has passed. Its once mighty ships have been seared to ashes and its worlds laid bare before the mysterious Shohan’s assault.
But, the Fleet has found the a weakness in their previously inscrutable enemy. Despite the devastating losses, the Terran Sphere has managed to win its first victory against the Shohan, alting their advance and turning the war into a bloody stalemate between the two sides. As the fleet rebuilds it will need new leaders to break this stalemate and bring about its...

Redemption is Silent Spirits’ upcoming tabletop Military Sci Fi RPG. Chronicling the war between the Terran Sphere and the Shohan Assembly, and its effects on the Fourth Population of the galaxy, the game lets players take on the role of characters from the Terran Sphere and beyond. As they are swept into the conflict, the characters’ battle lines are drawn; whether they be on the front lines as the war-weary marines in the trenches, or Admirals commanding the fleets that will change the course of the war, to isolated, ragged resistances on the Shohan occupied worlds as they confront head-on the Shohan’s agenda for all Humanity.

Redemption is currently in open beta. To download the playtester’s Beta, click here.
Playtesters! Please let us know how it’s going. You can give us feedback here!